• Exclusive Shoe Supply Chain Insights & Strategy

    Footwear Logistics and Efficiencies

    • Strengthening Port Operations in Times of Uncertainty — Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Deputy Executive Director, Port of Long Beach

    • Transport Tech to Explore Now — Eric Johnson, Senior Editor, Technology, JOC.com​

    • Redefining International Shipping on Your Terms — Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, CEO, Shipz

    • Supply Chain Agility: Uber Freight in Focus — Kate Kaufman, Director, Account Management, Uber Freight

    • The Current State of Air Freight — Mike Piza, Senior Vice President, Apex Logistics Internationa

    • Emerging Footwear Supply Chain Strategies — Erik Olson, Vice President, Product Innovation and Development, Crocs and Mary McNelly, Director of Global Logistics, Crocs
    • Supply Chain Visibility One-Pager

    • LIVE! The Current State of the Global Footwear Supply Chain – A Conversation with Peter Hohensee, VP Global Supply Chain, Rack Room Shoes — Peter Hohensee, VP Global Supply Chain, Rack Room Shoes and Matt Priest, President & CEO, FDRA

    Shoe Ports of Entry and Cargo Automation

    • Updated Policy Insights: Transportation & Infrastructure — Jon Gold, Vice President, Supply Chain and Customs Policy at National Retail Federation
    • Customs Broker & Customer: A Conversation — Kerry Rasmussen, Manager, Major Accounts, Farrow and Quinn O’Rourke, Director, Compliance & Logistics, LaCrosse Footwear
    • The Great Debate: Is The Customs Broker Obsolete? — Dan Gardner, Founder, Trade Facilitators, and Business Development Consultant, 3rdwave and Ned Blinick, Chief Product Officer, 3rdwave

    • How to Protect Your Products Across the Supply Chain: Mold and Moisture Prevention — Michael Hanrahan, SVP, Americas, SuperDry International, Ltd.

    • Understanding the Current Port Chassis Crisis — Weston LaBar​, President & CEO, Ventures 52, and CEO, Harbor Trucking Association
    • Infrastructure Memo One Pager
    • LIVE! Ports — Robin Hilton, VP of Business Development, Knight Transportation, Sal Ferrigno, Vice President, SSA Terminals, and Thomas Crockett, Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs, FDRA

    Footwear Inventory and Demand

    • Demand Planning in Uncertain Times — Josue Solano, CEO, BBC International
    • Mitigating Increased Cyber Security Risks In Your Supply Chain: Tips to Prepare for New Threats —Rick Howard, Chief Analyst, CSO, The CyberWire​
    • How to Use FTZs to Save Money — Ken Duncan, Managing Director of Commercial Operations, Port of Long Beach, Mechelle Smothers, Marketing Manager, Port of Long Beach, and Lance Frutiger, Director of Trade Compliance, Caleres
    • Prop 65 Update: Chrome VI in Leather Shoes — Bao Vu, Of Counsel, Stoel Rives LLP
    • Consumer Products Brochure Data Sheet
    • Critical CBP Update on CTPAT — Bryant Van Buskirk, Director, CTPAT Los Angeles, Customs & Border Protection (CBP)​
    • Key Inventory Quality Issues and Challenges — Jeff Leake, Business Development, Quality Corrections & Inspections (QCI)
    • Hope for Postal Reform Memo One-Pager
    • LIVE!  The Art of Moving and Managing Inventory — Rachael Acker, Logistics Director, Wolverine Worldwide, Ric James, EMEA Operations Director, Wolverine Worldwide and Matt Priest, President & CEO, FDRA